Note: Installing spring plates is a very dangerous task and should never be attempted by an amateur or without using the proper installation tools. If you are not a competent mechanic - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL!

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Our medium-stub and long-stub (not short-stub) spring plates are designed with open ends on purpose so that the torsion bar can be installed from the outside if the installer chooses to. Click here to see. However for those who insist on a clean look and do not want the torsion bar exposed to the elements, we manufacture dust covers. They are CNC machined from either billet aluminum, anodized in either black and red, and use 3 set screws to hold firmly into place.

Billet Dust Covers

Click here to tell how long your torsion bars are

Odds & Ends - the stuff to complete  your suspension build

If you don't have one then you are going to need one. These tools should be considered a must for safety and ease of installation. The reason that these are so necessary is because Atomwerk spring plates must be pre-loaded much like a factory spring plate has to be loaded. It is this pre-load that gives the quality ride that everyone has come to expect from Atomwerk products. However, the force from this pre-load can be compared to a bear trap and, just like one, injuries from a flying spring plate can be severe to fatal. So take the danger out of the equation and purchase our Spring Plate Loader Tool. Just like the rest of our products they are a high quality tool made from only the finest materials. They work by bolting one end into the upper shock mount and the other end into a hole on the spring plate. When it is in this location the tool cannot slide at all and it takes just a turn of the wrench to torque up and down a plate.

See install video

Replace your old corroded bolts on your suspension with superior and easier to install socket cap screws. Stainless steel fasteners and the best option because not only are they strong but will not rust. 1 set includes all of the bolts, washers, and nuts to replace the bolts on your end caps, spring plate axle/trailing arm locations and shocks on both sides. The bolts are strength rated socket head cap screws (allen heads), which make installation super convenient and looks very clean!

Spring Plate Loader Tool Stainless Steel Fastener Kit DSCF2128 002.jpg