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Note: Installing spring plates is a very dangerous task and should never be attempted by an amateur or without using the proper installation tools. If you are not a competent mechanic - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL!

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458-209-1597 SA Type IRS Type

Full Description:

Introducing the Adjustable Drop or Raise Plates for both swing axles and IRS! Now you can get over 3" of adjustment but still be riding in comfort and safety, while keeping some of your hard earned dough. These plates actually  work when you want to drop or raise your VW unlike the common adjustable plates, which were made only for adjustment at stock heights. We are very proud of these guys and you will be too.

But beyond that, these plates are FAR tougher and longer lasting than any spring plate out there. We don't try to hide why:

1. Plates are made from 1/4" grade 50 steel.

2. We manufacture our own spline stubs (the piece that mates to the torsion bar) and they are known to be the best fit possible to all torsion bars.

3. The adjuster plate strengthens the design ten-fold since it is bolted to it (unlike the common adjustable plates, which weaken the spring  plate design).

4. The locking bolt is a 16 mm grade 10.9 bolt and when tightened prevents all of the weight from resting on a single adjustment bolt (never a good idea, I don't care how long its been done!).

5. The locking bolt is welded to the plate so there is not stress concentrations and the plate acts as a single piece.

6. The plates are spaced apart so that water, dirt, and all other road elements can drain away. This extends the life of the plates by preventing unnecessary wear and corrosion (this is huge people!).

7. You have the option for us to powder coat them - far superior and better looking than zinc.

8. The adjuster on swing axle models is out of the way for wider tire usage.

9. The adjuster tab is curved so that the adjustment bolt is always perpendicular to it (this eliminates the bending moment on the bolt).

10. The plates are computer and human engineered, not just best guess fabricated.

11. Welds on the plates are full-penetration welded (you simply don't get stronger welds).

12. Drop Plates aren't just "1 inch longer to fix toe in problems" (as our competition puts it) but are calculated and 100% alignable.

13. When fitted with Roller Bearing Retainer wheel hop is a distant memory of the days when people lowered their cars "the ghetto way", (common phrase referring to the practice of re-indexing factory plates.