Atomwerk Engineering WAS about  quality! We believed that quality  comes WAY before quantity! We  stuck to our guns to the end.

Note: Installing spring plates is a very dangerous task and should never be attempted by an amateur or without using the proper installation tools. If you are not a competent mechanic - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL!!!

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The Internet has gone too far. Specifically! 99% of the reason that we are no longer openly in the customer market is due to where a thread was started that posed to represent our proper and actual customer feedback, which it was most certainly NOT. Unfortunately is so big that every time our name shows up online it is shortly followed by this imposter feedback thread.  In this thread anyone who feels like it can post - EXCEPT FOR ME OR MY WIFE! That is right; the only team that makes up Atomwerk cannot reply to ANYTHING on this thread. However, anyone else can, such as our competitors, non-customers, and of course customers. In this thread I am listed as “banned” even though I asked to quit the Samba because of the nature of the people who browse the samba. Then my wife was banned from this website and she neither asked to quit nor had she ever said anything to be banned! I have since asked to rejoin this website so that I can defend my name and company, but have got no reply back from the moderator. If this were a proper feedback channel we should be allowed to respond. However this seems to be the nature of this website that is most definitely overrun with Internet trolls. Unfortunately for anyone looking for any real insight on a “free for the moderator’s pleasure” site such as this they must first be able and prepared to sift and filter a bunch of waste and to be able to tell truth apart from lies, but must also have thick skin to withstand a barrage of insults if they dare take a stand.


In this thread you will also find a thief who received our complete suspension and half of his money back in a botched chargeback that he performed against us. However he was allowed to post lies about us in spite of the fact that the moderator was aware of who he was and what was going on. In this thread you will find certain non-customers and competitors accusing us of being “scammers” and other ridiculous claims. My reply to people confronting me with these accusations (remember that I am unable to reply to this thread anymore) is that I did not start a company, invent amazing products, get into the record books, and put my name out there just so I can get your next payment and bail.


We have also noticed that even our greatest competitors (who deserve respect for their achievements) receive unregulated and obscene reviews on this website, also being accused of being “predators seeking victims”, and my friends, at this point we must humbly bow out and say “please, it is your turn to figure this out. We want nothing to do with this”. I got my education in mechanical engineering, not Internet rallying. It has become too much for us to be able to deliver a quality product to the consumer in the face of such fierce trolling and we are too stubborn to compromise this quality, so we bid you a farewell and good luck in making your suspension the next level. What real purpose does serve? To advance the bar, or to regress technology?


We DO NOT SUPPORT THESAMBA.COM and give the warning that if you go there seeking genuine advice you will only receive heckling and misguidance from the overwhelming presence of SAMBA TROLLS. Unfortunately even has a better political system in place than At least there anyone can flag a post regardless of cause and the poster will just have to post again. In comparison the is under the ultimate rule of the moderator, and he makes his own decisions as to what the public will see based on his opinion, his community, his friends, and his patrons who pay the most to sell their products. He will block, ban, or support the entities that pleases him and his comrades. Is this where you want to seek advice? Evolve people!


Charles Adams, former CEO


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