Atomwerk Engineering WAS about  quality! We believed that quality  comes WAY before quantity! We  stuck to our guns to the end.

Note: Installing spring plates is a very dangerous task and should never be attempted by an amateur or without using the proper installation tools. If you are not a competent mechanic - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL!!!

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Racing Build a Beam

4” Narrowed Ball Joint Shown

(Computer rendering)

Needle Bearing Front Beams

These beams are manufactured by us and are designed as a direct factory replacement without the fuss. You can order factory width, or up to 5” narrower or 6” wider. They come with adjusters so  that changing your ride height will be a synch. The beams come with needle bearings for more predictable handling and higher performance. We make them for both Link Pin and Ball joint. Beams narrower than 2” have special shock towers that clear the body.

We have two different genres of beams for both link pin and ball joint:

1: Welded Standard

2: Racing Built a Beam

Atomwerk Bearing Front Beams

 Computer and human engineered - not just fabricated.

 Contains needle bearings, which hold the control arms into precise and unrestricted position. They allow for unrestricted rapid articulation of the wheels, allowing the tires to be in better contact with uneven terrain. Expect better handling - much superior to plastic urethane or Delrin!

 Predictable handling due to its rigidity; compare our 1/2" thick shock to the competition's bent-sheet metal towers.

 Adjusters allow quick ride-height change of more than 4".

 Needle bearings. You car will perform to its fullest potential! See advantages.

 Has zerk fittings to grease quickly and easily.

 CNC jig welded

 For both link pin and ball joint type 1 suspensions.

When you order a narrower or wider beam you will also need to order correspondingly sized torsion leaves and tie rods or modify your own (in the case of narrowed  suspensions). We also provide a front end kit, which includes a new steering damper and all new urethane replacement parts for the rest of the front end so that nothing gets left behind. It is also recommended to order a new steering damper.

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Welded Standard

2” Narrowed Ball Joint Shown

(Actual picture)

**Note: Make sure that you know your suspension type before ordering.