Atomwerk Engineering WAS about  quality! We believed that quality  comes WAY before quantity! We  stuck to our guns to the end.

Note: Installing spring plates is a very dangerous task and should never be attempted by an amateur or without using the proper installation tools. If you are not a competent mechanic - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL!!!

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Under restructure

Atomwerk Engineering Inc. WAS  about quality suspension parts for your air-cooled VW!  We have to admit that we were not the best in the customer service aspect. So we are changing tactics. The VW aftermarket has made it clear that they want us around and that our products have made a definite positive impact. Let’s face it; we have in fact raised the bar on torsion bar technology. So when you can’t beat em then join em.

We are no longer open to the public, however you will be finding our products available soon through vendors. This website will continue to serve, and even be enhanced, as a technical resource for torsion bar technology. We don’t believe that great things should be hoarded and kept secret, and so we will continue to share what we know.

Keep posted…

Note: If you are a customer who is still waiting on an order, rest assured that were are about to deliver. Please send us an email if you feel that you need to send us a reminder. We will make sure that we stay in contact with you and that you get your order. We are unilaterally filling all previous orders until every last one is fulfilled. We have left only a small handful to fulfill. Please also note that WE DO NOT SELL ANY PARTS AT CAR SHOWS THAT ARE OWED TO CURRENT CUSTOMERS.

Click here if you want to know the reason for our restructure.

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