Atomwerk Engineering WAS about  quality! We believed that quality  comes WAY before quantity! We  stuck to our guns to the end.

Note: Installing spring plates is a very dangerous task and should never be attempted by an amateur or without using the proper installation tools. If you are not a competent mechanic - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL!!!

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Customer Spotlight

Congratulations to Darrell Vittone, who competed in the 36 hp challenge at the Mojave Mile on 4/11/2015 utilizing our Introductory IRS Twin Drop Plates, Bronze Bushing Retainers, and No-Camber Lowered Trailing Arms…


Front End Assembly for Ball Joint


Atomwerk Engineering Inc. is about quality suspension parts for your air-cooled VW! Unfortunately we are having to shut our doors to any and all new customer sales that involve credit cards. If you are a customer that has already purchased from us then rest assured that we are still working on your order and will deliver it, unless you feel the need to perform a chargeback. If you are wanting to order from us online or over the phone then unfortunately that will not be possible as we can no longer accept any credit cards. You may contact us for other payment options if you feel that you must have our products. We encourage vendors and local garages to buy our products in bulk and at discount.

We will be selling all of our products that are on the shelf (that we do not owe to current customers) at various VW show in the US.

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Charles Adams, CEO

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Customer Spotlight Customer Spotlight IRS_Introductory_Plates Customer Spotlight

Suspension Tech

The following is a technical article written for better understanding of the rear air-cooled VW suspension as well as our products. For the majority of people, the rear VW suspension is little understood and more often misunderstood. This is one of the reasons that I created Atomwerk Engineering Inc. and whether or not you decide to buy from us I give this information to you for your understanding.

Suspension Tech