Atomwerk Engineering WAS about  quality! We believed that quality  comes WAY before quantity! We  stuck to our guns to the end.

Note: Installing spring plates is a very dangerous task and should never be attempted by an amateur or without using the proper installation tools. If you are not a competent mechanic - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL!!!

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Atomwerk Engineering Inc.

Our Mission

We are about Quality! We believe that quality comes WAY before quantity. We are here to bring suspension technology to the next level for your VW.  We are a small team here, consisting of my wife and myself, but together we are inventors, engineers, machinists, and expert finishers. The days are long gone where your have to sacrifice ride quality just so your car can look good. You can now expect serious on and off road performance from your VW. Our main directive is to make innovative inventions which improve not only your suspension, but can all be bolted on without altering your VW’s original value.  

We presently have secured three vendors worldwide, and have sold tens of thousands of spring plates, which have been our personal inventions. We have made the name "drop plate" common among just about anyone who owns, or wants to own a VW. We are simply not a company that is focused on the mighty dollar, but rather choose to put our attention and energy to the endless pursuit of quality. We have learned that customers will follow quality far longer than smooth sales and gimmicks. So this is our approach; Atomwerk will continue to change the bar!

We are primarily a manufacturer but we are open to the public too. We urge all customers to contact our vendors first for a better customer experience. If you need to get a hold of us then we can be reached at or to call us and leave a message if we are unable to answer: 541-393-4318

Charles Adams, CEO

Click this link to see the battle that started it all:

There is a feedback thread on a website known as “the Samba” that is rigged to make us look bad. In this thread anyone who feels like it can post - EXCEPT FOR ME OR MY WIFE! That is right; the very team that makes up Atomwerk cannot reply to ANYTHING on this thread. However, anyone else can, such as our competitors, non-customers, and of course customers. In this thread I am listed as “banned” even though I asked to quit the Samba because of the nature of the people who browse the samba. Then my wife was banned from this website and she neither asked to quit nor had she ever said anything to be banned! I have since asked to rejoin this website so that I can defend my name and company, but have got no reply back from the moderator. If this were a proper feedback channel we should be allowed to respond. However this seems to be the nature of this website that is most definitely overrun with Internet trolls. Unfortunately for anyone looking for any real insight on a “free for all” site such as this they must first be able and prepared to sift and filter a bunch of waste and to be able to tell truth apart from lies, but must also have thick skin to withstand a barrage of insults if they dare take a stand.

In this thread you will also find a thief who received our complete suspension and half of his money back in a botched chargeback that be performed against us. However he was allowed to post lies about us in spite of the fact that the moderator was aware of who he was and what was going on. In this thread you will find certain people accusing us of being scammers and other ridiculous claims. My reply to people confronting me with these accusations (remember that I am unable to reply to this thread anymore) is that I did not start a company, invent amazing products, get into the record books, and put my name out there just so I can get your next $200 and bail. If you are a customer who has already received our parts then we encourage you to shout out for us your experience with us, and if you are simply wondering if you should order from us then we ask you to take that leap of faith and give us a shout out when we pull through for you. Keep in mind that no matter what the Samba “trolls” say about us NO ONE can slam our quality! That is just who we are.

How to spot an “Internet Troll”:

1. How long have they been on this site? How many posts have they made since this time? If there is more than 100 postings per every year enrolled on this site, you might have a troll.

2. Is this member posting by his or her real name? If not, you might have a troll.

3. Is this member a customer to this direct feedback thread or are they a moderator? If not then there is a 99.9999% chance that you have an Internet troll.

4. Does this person have their own feedback thread? If the do not then they are an Internet troll. If they do and it is botched with other bad feedback then you have a very vindictive troll (watch out for those guys. Usually you will find that they are not well known, just failing to make a good honest living for themselves)!

5. Is this person a competitor in any way of the business/person that the feedback thread is about? If yes then you most certainly have a troll and you should know that this is the point where things get ugly.

6. Has this person invented or pioneered ANY technology for themselves that is relative to the thread that you are reading. If yes then they are most likely not any Internet troll. Even if they are mad, they have paid their dues to get there. Give them the respect to at least listen and make an evaluation for yourself.

7. Does this person have their own website that is selling to the public in some way? 50% chance that they may be a troll and 50% chance that they have not learned the ways of the sneaky.

 Check out this thread for yourselves: