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Note: Installing spring plates is a very dangerous task and should never be attempted by an amateur or without using the proper installation tools. If you are not a competent mechanic - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL!!!

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The Poor Man’s Adjustable Drop and Raise Plates


Over 3” of adjustment

Lowers and/or raises your VW without sacrificing ride quality

Adjust your ride on the fly!

Far stronger than factory spring plates or other after-market spring plates

Gives your car more tire clearance than traditional adjustables

Perfect compliment for adjustable front axle beams

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Don't let the name fool you - these are bad ass! These plates are inspired by the Poor Man's Porsche 914, which delivered the performance of a Porsche at a price people could afford. Now you can get over 3" of adjustment but still be riding in comfort and safety, while keeping some of your hard earned dough. These plates actually work when you want to drop or raise your VW unlike the common adjustable plates, which were made only for adjustment at stock heights.

These plates are sold in sets and are constructed from laser cut, factory thickness, grade 50 steel spring plates, and 1026 carbon steel Spline Stubs that are 1.75" in diameter. The design upgrade includes stainless steel adjuster tabs that are now bolted on with rated stainless steel bolts. In addition the adjustment screw tab has a rated weld nut instead of just tapped mild steel. This means that the life of your spring plates will be extended. We offer these plates with instructions and all the technical support that is necessary to install on your VW headache free. These Drop/Raise Plates come standard with a matte black and silver which is far more durable and beautiful than the industry-standard cheap zinc coatings that you will find on most suspension components.. Special powder coat finishes cost $60 extra. Keep in mind when making your selection that you should choose the spring plate that is designed for the ride height that your car will be at the most, i.e. hwy cruising height.

They come in the following increments:

Swing Axle:

Stock Height

1.2” Drop

2.4” Drop

3.6” Drop

1.2” Raise

*Note: Bushings with 1.75” ID proper shocks and are necessary for a complete rear suspension.

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Medium Stub Swing Axle PM Drop Plates  (bug up to 59) Short Stub Swing Axle PM Drop Plates  (bug 59-68)

Billet Dust Covers

Our medium-stub (not short stub) spring plates are designed with open ends on purpose so that the torsion bar can be installed from the outside if the installer chooses to. Click here to see. However for those who insist on a clean look and do not want the torsion bar exposed to the elements, we manufacture dust covers. They are made from either billet aluminum or billet stainless steel, and use 3 set screws to hold firmly into place.

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