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Note: Installing spring plates is a very dangerous task and should never be attempted by an amateur or without using the proper installation tools. If you are not a competent mechanic - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL!!!

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IRS Static Drop Plates and Raise Plate Sets

These are our Static R1 Drop/Raise Plates so you can start riding low, high, or just stock in comfort and style immediately! These plates are sold in sets and are constructed from laser cut, 1/4” thick (factory thickness is only 3/16”), grade 50 super-strong steel spring plates, and 1026 carbon steel Spline Stubs that are 1.75" in diameter. Make sure that you purchase bushings that are 1.75” in diameter, as we standardize all of our spring plates for this bushing size. The R1 series Drop/Raise Plates come standard black semi-gloss finish, which is far more durable and beautiful than the industry-standard cheap zinc coatings that you will find on most suspension components and a custom CNC machined aluminum badge. Or you can order them raw without badges to save you some bones and finish them yourself. The plates have a universal bolt pattern to fit all IRS and you can use the single plates on twin applications by knocking off your original spacers in your bushing caps, or you can order actual twin plates if you don’t like that. They come in the following increments:


Stock Height

2.5” Drop

2” Raise

Keep in mind when making your selection that each spring plate has a variance of an inch in either direction. For example if you wanted to drop your VW 3.25” then you should purchase the 2.5” Drop Plates and then index them on your VW so that it sits 3.25”.

*Note: Bushings with 1.75” ID proper shocks and are necessary for a complete rear suspension.

Click here to tell how long your torsion bars are and to see what suspension type you have.

Click here to tell how long your torsion bars are and to see what suspension type you have.

IRS R1 Raise Plate, 21 3/4” Length Torsion Bars, Single Plate Shown

Billet Dust Covers

Our medium-stub and long-stub (not short stub) spring plates are designed with open ends on purpose so that the torsion bar can be installed from the outside if the installer chooses to. Click here to see. However for those who insist on a clean look and do not want the torsion bar exposed to the elements, we manufacture dust covers. They are made from either billet aluminum or billet stainless steel, and use 4 set screws to hold firmly into place.

Click here to tell how long your torsion bars are