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Note: Installing spring plates is a very dangerous task and should never be attempted by an amateur or without using the proper installation tools. If you are not a competent mechanic - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL!!!

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Technical Report:

This is one of our special inventions known as our Racing Adjustable Spring Plates for torsion bar suspensions. It is an Atomwerk spring plate with a locking adjusting hub.  The function of this spring plate along with the hub is to allow rapid adjustment of rear height for torsion bar style suspensions, while simultaneously improving the ride quality and overall performance of your vehicle.  This invention applies to Porsche 911, 912, and 944, and all air-cooled Volkswagen's (including all swing axle models and IRS models).  Do you own an older Volkswagen?  Is it lowered the old fashion way, and if so how satisfied are you with the ride quality?  

The problem:

For starters the problem is that the ride quality is never the same any time the spring plate is re-indexed to either lower or raise a VW.  Cars with torsion bar suspensions were designed to ride at stock height. That is to say that these cars were not designed to be either raised or lowered (with the exception of Porsche front suspensions).  Without getting into incredible detail, it is sufficient to say that when you lower or raise the rear of a vehicle with a torsion bar suspension using only factory parts, the car suspension will perform inferior to a stock vehicle would without modification.  This is made most evident by the bumpy and squirlyness that occurs in the vehicle after the ride height has been altered. So much for lowering a car to improve the handling, right!? For a full technical report please visit our technical page.

The second problem is that until now there was no easy or quick way to raise or lower the rear of a VW.  The procedure is known as indexing and is labor intensive. There is a very large chance for error. Ask anyone who has done this and they will likely tell you that they had to do it at least twice before they got it right.  A seemingly simple project like this can easily take all day.

The solution:

The solution is Atomwerk Adjustable Racing Drop/Raise Plates. Our Hubs allow rapid height adjustments on the fly! What does this mean?  It means that you will now have the ability to fine tune your rear suspension as never before.  It means that you will no longer be limited to one ride height alone, yet your ride will still be great! Headed to the show?  Ride there in comfort and then drop your car down when you get there!  Headed to the track? Precisely set your car's height for it to perform optimal! Since our plates are engineered intelligently, it means that your vehicle will perform safely and with a new sense of precision!  Make no mistake... an Atomwerk suspension is superior to the stock suspension at all heights that deviate from stock. They are stronger, smoother, and adjustable.  They are beautiful!

Since these plates use needle bearings, they offer the same benefits that the Deluxe Assembled Sets offer, which is rapid articulation of the rear suspension. This means that your rear tires will spend more time on the pavement without the restrictions that normal bushing put on the plates. The plate will be able to articulate unbound.


The Reason Our Adjustable Plate Actually Work

Common misconception: Adjustable plates will allow me to lower my suspension and I will have a great ride. Why not get the common “adjustable spring plate” and just lower my car that way?

Reality: DROP PLATES lower your suspension without sacrificing  ride quality - NOT ADJUSTABLE PLATES. You see the spring plate itself  is designed for a specific ride height. Whether it be a Drop Plate, a Raise Plate, or an ordinary spring plate - they are all designed to articulate within the torsion housing in a precise manner. The adjusters, on the other hand, allow for making fine height adjustments once the spring plate is loaded into the factory position. However, the farther away the spring plate is loaded from the proper position, the adjusters will correspondingly work less and less, and ride quality will become correspondingly worse and worse.

The difference

Make sure that you don’t confuse Atomwerk suspensions with anything else that is out there.  These are different than the adjustable plates that are currently on the market. The adjacent picture is of a set of Atomwerk Adjustable Racing Drop Plates compared to the standard adjustable plates that are out there. Notice that our plates have a different shape. Again, it is this shape which provides the quality ride when either lowered or raised. This shape is the key to a smooth ride. This is an important point to consider when purchasing spring plates. You should ask yourself how high you intend to drive your car most often and purchase either a Straight, Drop, or Raise Plate accordingly. Once installed you can make fine-tuned changes by simply unlocking it, adjusting the bolt, and locking it again. This locking mechanism makes the spring plates far stronger than the crude-at-best adjustable plates that are out there.

Atomwerk adjustable plates are a direct replacement for the stock spring plates. No welding or even calculating to do.  Install them according to our provided instructions and drive away in comfort and confidence that you have the highest performance and adjustment that money can buy!

The construction:

These spring plates are from the Racing Deluxe Assembled Set Plates heritage, which sets them light years ahead of anything else! This means that these plates are constructed from 4130 chromoly steel stubs and 1/4" thick grade 50 tool steel plates. These plates are spray-arc welded together. This produces full penetration welds!

Like the Deluxe Assembled Sets, the plates ride on sealed needle bearings. The bearing housing are made from high-strength 6061 aluminum and have zerk fittings so that you can always grease the bearings from the outside. The bearings themselves are the highest quality that can be found and are made in the US. They contain inner seals, and we add three more dust seals to ensure that they always ride smooth and true.

The philosophy:

Atomwerk believes in high quality and beauty.  We believe you have the right to choose.  I have many big name corporations, and supposed authorities in the industry, tell me that suspensions should be ugly and should not grab attention.  “Paint em black” they say.  We feel differently about this.  We feel that your car is yours and should reflect your personality and desires.  We believe that like a precision tool, beauty should come with true performance and strength.  And make no mistake – our parts are the best in the world!  If you want black then you may have them black.  If you want cobalt blue we’ll deliver better that you expect. It’s your car and you have the right to make it the way you want and we provide many different colors and finishes.  Our adjustable plates are so rugged and tough that we supply a lifetime, no questions asked warranty.  If you break it after you have installed it (good luck trying) simply trade them in for a new set.  We’re that confident!                                             

Anatomy of an Adjustable Racing Drop/Raise Plate

Theirs vs ours